The Persosa Visual Editor can be used to quickly manage text and images across your website. Watch the video below to see, hands-on, how it can be used.

Preview Experiences

To preview different experiences, click the dropdown on the bottom right of the page and choose the experience you'd like to view. "Default" is your site's default experience without any personalizations.

Enter Edit Mode

When not in edit mode, you can browse your site like normal. When you're ready to edit content, toggle the "Edit Mode" switch on the bottom of the page. You'll see that, as you move your cursor around the page, the regions on your site will be highlighted. Click a new or existing region to edit the modifications for that experience.

NOTE: You may not enter edit mode when viewing the "Default" experience since Persosa does not change any content when a visitor does not qualify for an experience.

Creating a new region

To create a new region, simply locate it by dragging your mouse over the element. The editor will outline the current region as well as show the hierarchy of it within parent elements.

Click the element to create a new Dynamic Region for it -- the modification list will slide out from the side, allowing you to edit what modifications are applied for the region on the current experience.

If you cancel editing at this point, the dynamic region will not be created.

Edit an existing region

Existing Dynamic Regions will be highlighted in green. Click the existing region to edit its modifications for the current experience via the slide window on the right.

Exit the editor

Closing the current tab will close your site, however if you navigate back to your site while you're still authenticated in the editor, it will reload. To leave the editor entirely, click the Persosa icon in the bottom left and click "Exit Editor".

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