Persosa allows you to create personalized experiences for unknown visitors across your website by campaign, referral source, onsite activity, geolocation, and more, but what if you want to integrate using our Identity API? In order to reference Persosa Identities to either retrieve or update data in our platform, we'll have to have something to reference that visitor by. That's where identification comes in.

The process is simple.. First, you can identify a user via our Identity API, giving us their Persosa Client ID or Persosa Identity ID and telling your unique identifier to reference them by. For example, an email address, CRM ID, etc. Once they're identified, you can get data or request updates to this user in Persosa by using your unique reference.

The other method is client-side via our tracking code. To identify a visitor this way, simply call persosa('identify', '<ID TYPE>', '<ID>'); where ID TYPE is the name of the type of ID used (no more than 10 characters and no spaces). For example, "email" or "crm_id". ID is your ID you'd like to reference the visitor by later (no more than 50 characters).

Once a visitor is identified, you can reference them by your own ID in our Identity API.

Here's an example of identifying a visitor by email after they fill out a lead form:

$('form').on('submit', function() {
  persosa('identify', 'email', $('#email-field').val());
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