Persosa's library allows you to create and manage all pieces of content you wish to use for personalization.

Content Types


Plain text you want replaced inside the element if the visitor is in that variation.

For example, if your region matches an element that looks like this: <h1 id="my-title">Welcome!</h1> and your "content" is "New Title", the resulting HTML will be <h1 id="my-title">New Title</h1> .


The "HTML" type is used when you want to do more advanced DOM manipulation and accepts any valid HTML, including style attributes.


A series of CSS rules to be applied to a DOM element.

Remote Image

This is an image already on the internet that you can reference via a URL. URL's must begin with http://  or https:// .

Hosted Image

To host an image with Persosa, select the image from your drive or drag and drop it into the page.

Types of images (<img> vs background)

When assigning an image to an element on your website, the tracking code first looks up the element by the CSS selector you provide. If the element is an <img> , it sets the src  attribute.

If the element is anything other than an <img> it sets the CSS background-image property to the correct image URL.


A tag is an arbitrary grouping of library items. You can create as many tags as you'd like and assign them to content items. Use tags to quickly and easily search or filter the items in your library.

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