Below is the content that's covered in your partner onboarding process. We expect all partners complete the onboarding within the first two weeks.

Overall we have 3 meetings to ensure that your team is up-to-speed on the platform, have used it on your site, and feel comfortable discussing personalization with clients.

We look forward to partnering with you and helping your firm increase revenue.

Pre Kick-Off

  1. Provide Persosa with a list of names/titles/emails of people who will need access to the platform (Partner)
  2. Provide login access to the platform for all users (Persosa)
  3. Send tracking code and instructions (Persosa)
  4. Install tracking code on partner site (Partner)
  5. Provide GA access to [email protected] (Partner)
  6. Names/titles/emails of who will be involved in on-boarding process, in addition to staff in #1, e.g. account managers, bus dev

Meeting 1: Kick-off and Persosa relationship (60 mins)

  1. Review objectives and discuss timeline with partner
  2. Personalization strategy / What is personalization
  3. Persosa as an extension of your team
  4. Pricing strategy
  5. Discuss first 3 experiences on partner website

Meeting 2: Using the platform (60 mins)

  1. Product walk-thru/how to use Persosa
  2. Review first experience (already created by Persosa)
  3. Create second segments/experience together
  4. Partner to create 3rd experience
  5. Integrate with Google Analytics via partner’s login (if needed)

Meeting 3: Selling Persosa to clients  (60 mins)

  1. Establish pricing strategy
  2. Discuss target list for client PoC
  3. Review available resources - case studies/white papers/FAQs, etc
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