Persosa allows you to take current attribute or geolocation values and use them as merge tags within dynamic content on your website. For example, using a user's first name in a dynamic title.

The format for merge tags is the following: {{ ATTRIBUTE_OR_GEO }} 

For example, if you wanted to update the <h1>  on a page using a "first_name" attribute, you could add quick text like this: Hi, {{ first_name }}! .

Fallback text

Fallback text may be provided after the variable to use, separated by a pipe (" | "). If no fallback text is provided, it will remain empty.

For example, using the previous example: Hi, {{ first_name | "there" }}! 

If there's no "first_name" attribute, the fallback text "there" will be used instead.

Merge tag values

The following items may be used for values in merge tags:

  • Any attribute
  • Geo country: country_code 
  • Geo region: region_code 
  • Geo zip: zip_code 
  • Geo city: city 
  • Geo timezone: timezone 
  • DMA: dma 

Modification types

The following modification types may incorporate merge tags:

  • Quick text
  • Library text
  • Quick HTML
  • Library HTML
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