A segment in Persosa is simply a grouping of visitors based on conditions. Visitors may belong to one or more segments at a time and may enter and leave segments throughout various visits.

Create a segment

To create a segment, navigate to Tracking > Segments and click Create Segment in the top-right.

Enter any name you would like to use to identify this segment.

Segment conditions

The segment conditions are what a visitor needs to achieve in order to be grouped into a segment. Conditions may be grouped using AND/OR descriptors and fall into two types:

Evaluated historically

These types of conditions are based on how many times that condition was triggered ever for the user, across all sessions. So, if you say something needs to happen "at least once", it doesn't matter in which visit/order/etc it occurred in. If it ever happens, in any session, that condition will hold true for the segment.

View (e.g., Pageview)
Means a visitor viewed the given page N number of times. In an app, this can mean screen views.

Pageview Hostname
The hostname of a pageview made by a user.

When a purchase is made on your site. You can further segment by order value or which products were purchased.

An arbitrary event tracked with the tracking code. Read more here.

UTM parameter
A page was viewed with a UTM (Google Analytics) tracking parameter.

Query parameter
A page was viewed with any arbitrary query parameter.

Referring Site Hostname/Path
The site/page from which a visitor came. Read more here.

Evaluated in the current session only

These conditions are evaluated in the user's current, active session only:

The visitor has an attribute that matches the given value.

Session Count
Number of sessions, including the active session.

Geo Location
Segment by the visitor's geo location. Read more here.

For a list of Neilson Metro Codes (DMA): https://www.advertserve.com/docs/2.5/html/manual/api_reference_dma.html

Session Date
The current date/time of a user's active session.

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