A property is any value you'd like to store related to a specific visitor. This could be age, whether or not they're a customer, email address, etc. In order for them to be used as conditions in segments, properties must first be defined in your administrative account.

Create a property

Navigate to Properties from the left-hand navigation and click Add Property. Enter the name of the property and define the data type. Names may only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores (_). Persosa will automatically strip out any characters that are not allowed when you save it.

Modify a property

To edit a property, click Actions > Edit next to the property. You may not change the name, but can change the data type. If you need to change the name of a property, you'll need to delete and re-create the property.

Delete a property

Choose Actions > Delete next to the property you would like to remove and confirm. Be sure to remove any references to this property in your tracking code.

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