If at any point during a visit, you're able to collect a visitor's email address, it's best to pass that into Persosa as well. Doing so allows you to more specifically reference the visitor in the future as well as link it to other services, such as Zapier.

Track an email address

To track an email address, simply call persosa('identify, 'email', emailAddress) . Read more about identification here.

Capture email address from query parameter

There may be an occasion when you'd like to automatically track an email address from a query parameter. For example, if a visitor clicks a link from an email you sent them and you're able to include the email in the URL. To do this, simply include the email in one of the following two query parameters:


Use this parameter to include the email as plain text. For example: [email protected] .


Use this parameter to include the email as a base64-encoded string. For example: mysite.com?persosa_email64=dGVzdEBleGFtcGxlLmNvbQ== . This is useful in situations where the email may include characters that aren't as friendly in URI's, such as a plus sign (+).

If either of these are detected, Persosa will automatically extract the email and identify the visitor behind the scenes.

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