A dynamic style is a set of CSS rules that are applied to a selector based on segments that a visitor is in.

Create a dynamic style

To create a dynamic style, choose Personalize > Styles from the navigation then + STYLE in the appropriate experience. This new style will only be applied if a visitor is in the specified experience.

You'll be asked to set a name, CSS selector, and other fields to specify how to alter the styles.

Natively, Persosa provides templates for the following style types:

  • Image, such as for an <img>  tag (starting with http://  or https:// )
  • Background image (starting with http://  or https:// )
  • Color (in the format #000000 )
  • Background Color (in the format #000000 )
  • Hide
  • Show (in various formats)

In addition to these built-in types, you can select Custom to enter your own CSS rules.

NOTE: The CSS rules do not have to be wrapped in curly braces { }, but otherwise must follow proper syntax.

For example:

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