Creating segment conditions from where a visitor came from is simple! You can filter off of referrer hostname and/or referrer page stem.

Segment by referring hostname

A referrer hostname contains the subdomain, domain, and TLD (suffix) for the referring website. For example, if a visitor comes from a Google search result, the full referring site will be ""

When defining a segment's conditions, choose "Referring Site" as the action. Then, choose the match pattern you'd like to use.

Segment by Google

As an example, let's say you want a condition that matches anyone that came from Google. You'd simply choose contains and enter "google."

This will match any referring hostname containing "google." such as "", "", etc. If you wanted to match just "", use the condition is exactly

Segment by referring path

This feature allows you to create a condition from the exact page a visitor may have come from. For example, say you want to create a segment for any visitor that came from, specifically from the "Recommended Sites" blog article. You'd create conditions like so:

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