Persosa allows you to create segments of visitors that are from a geo location, including:

  • City
  • Region/State
  • Country
  • Zip

When creating geo conditions, all values are case-insensitive, so "ny" and "NY" will both match.

Geo Segments

In order to preserve other segments if we're unable to obtain geo data for a visitor, any conditions based on a visitor's location must be placed in its own segment. So, for example, you can not have a condition on city and a pageview.

We recommend creating separate "Geo Segments" - a segment that contains only geo rules. These can later be combined with other segments to create geo-targeted content.

Here's an example of segment including all visitors from Phoenix, AZ:

Geo segments in conditions

Due to the potential for false negatives in geo segments, we recommend avoiding IS NOT IN SEGMENT when configuring conditions for content regions and styles. Using this filter with a false negative geo region could result in a false positive content variation - a visitor seeing a variation when they shouldn't be.

Using geo segments with content variations and styles

To use a geo segment with a region or style, we recommend creating an experience with the geo segment and one without it as a fall-back.

For example, let's say you want an experience to show for "Men in New York", you'd create two experiences -- the first would include the "Men" segment and the "New York" segment:

  • IS IN SEGMENT "New York"

Below that in priority, create another experience to be used as a fallback that contains just:


If we're able to get geo data for a male and place the visitor in "New York", they'd see the first, higher priority experience. If we can't get geo data in time, or if they're in a different geo region, they'll see the second fall-back experience.

Filter by state (US only)

In the US, you can filter state either by the name or the ISO code. For consistency purposes, we recommend using Region/State Code with the two-letter code for your state, e.g., NY (New York), AZ (Arizona).

Zip codes

Some post codes start with a "0", so, for this reason, Persosa treats zip codes as 5-character strings, not numbers. What this means is that you can perform string comparisons on zip codes.

If you'd like to match an exact zip code, use is exactly with the full 5-digit zip code. If you'd like to include all zips in the Phoenix metro region, however, you can use starts with "85", which would include 85032, 85251, etc.

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