Persosa's new platform is now live! We're really excited about the updates we've been working on to improve now your brand utilizes personalization. Here's a brief list of what's new/updated:

  • Compatible with multiple channels. In addition to web, you can now personalize your apps and any other digital channel.
  • On your website, a smaller CSS file is loaded synchronously to hide regions that will be changed on the page.
  • The larger Javascript tracking code is now loaded asynchronously so as to not slow down the loading of the page.
  • API and webhook requests/responses are improved and more consistent.

To migrate your account, follow these steps (outlined below):

  1. Update your main tracking code snippet on your website
  2. Update the Persosa Google Analytics Javascript snippet on your site
  3. Re-publish experiences within your Persosa account

Tracking Code

Main Snippet

Your current tracking code looks like like this:

<script src="<ACCOUNT_ID>.js"></script>

You'll need to update the snippet to look like this:


persosa('init', '<ACCOUNT_ID>');

View the tracking code page within Persosa to see the exact code to put into the header of your site.

Google Analytics Tracking

If you're currently passing Persosa data into Google Analytics through the PersosaGAPlugin.init() command, replace that command with the following instead:

persosa('ga', 'analytics');

Publish Code

Within your Persosa account, click Publish to make sure the new platform utilizes your newest configuration.

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